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Customer experience training, workshops, and seminars

Giving you the skills to improve and innovate your customer, patient or guest experiences

Customer experience training courses, workshops, and seminars created and facilitated by Jeofrey Bean, accomplished customer experience professional, author and instructor with experience at small innovative businesses, large corporations and at top-rated universities in assisting professionals to overcome challenges and pursue opportunities with customer experience. These professional development sessions apply to people who directly or indirectly impact customer experiences online and off.

Here is a sample of essential topics available as training courses, workshops, and seminars for improving and innovating CX. All developed and proven to be engaging while being both
practical and innovative. Choose from on-site, online and hybrid programs.

The Customer Experience Effect.

The beginning is a great place to start! What is customer experience? Why invest in it? What is the value of customer experience (CX return on investment ROI). Examples of companies better, different and more profitable by customer experience. If great ideas, great products, and services are no longer good enough in a market, then what is next? How might you test and measure the value of customer experience for your organization? Many real-world examples and resources.

Customer Experience Leadership.

What is it? Best practices, insights, culture and decision making from the best in customer experience and what it means for you. This course or seminar includes many real examples of businesses and individual customer experience leaders and a discussion on how CX leadership was created, sustained, and what it means for you. You will leave with a specifically selected and prioritized group of CX best practices and leadership insights specially for next steps implementation.

A Portfolio Approach to Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI).

Incorporating specially selected data with other sources can help you understand how your customers think and feel about your company qualitatively and quantitatively to increase effectiveness of your customer experience, product and marketing decisions. (see the article in Quirks Media Magazine).

The Customer Experience Discovery Project.

Many organizations need their first view, or a more effective view of the experience customers, patients or guests are now having with them online and off. This course focuses on your independent discovery project. Come away with the skills and experience to evaluate customer experiences qualitatively and quantitatively, make recommendations to fix, improve, or innovate interactions and strategies and set post implementation performance expectations. Post training, this project can be continued and scaled-up for the organization!

The Out of the Box Customer Experience.

What happens to customers from the time they open a box to the time the product is doing what it is supposed to be doing can make or break an entire experience. Successful out of box experiences reduce returns and support costs. They can inspire people to advocate for the company or product and this helps sell more. We will look at examples of some of the best out of the box customer experiences and discuss why. Then test and evaluate two competitive out of the box experiences and make recommendations for improvements with a specially developed and proven template tool.

Innovating Customer Experiences.

Insights from how CX innovation really happens. Which organizations characteristics are likely to create multiple serial innovations? Disruptive technologies, products and services are not enough for sustainable profitable innovation. There is something else many people frequently forget for sustainable and profitable disruption. We’ll look at the customer experience lifecycle and discuss how to implement it. Several business stories serve as examples.

Advanced Marketing Capabilities.

A careful look at leading marketing and customer experience companies shows their skillful and purposeful strategic and tactical engagement of marketing, customer experience and user experience to enter and dominate existing markets or create new markets. Their decisions in these areas come from a combination of internal expertise and near real-time marketing, customer and user experience intelligence. They have the market share, customer advocacy and profitability to show for it.  

The overarching understanding of companies doing this is that marketing, customer experience and user experience, work in conjunction with each other for the business, and customers. Understanding how to effectively leverage this interconnection to advantage is what you will take away for your decision making going forward.

Train your instructors.

If you want to scale customer experience capabilities strategically and tactically, or you are a large organization trying to accelerate customer experience improvements or transformation, then having a customer experience practitioner and expert instructor train your instructors is an important part of the solution.

Custom courses and workshops.

Together we work to create courses, workshops, or seminars, specifically for the challenges you need to overcome, the competitive advantages you want and the opportunities you would like to pursue. Includes internal certificate, professional development, and recognition programs. On-site, online and hybrid access.

A sample of organizations I have worked with in B2B, B2C, Education and Healthcare


Jeof is great to work with. He did customer experience training for all people in our company that was geared toward each group’s specific area (leadership, distribution, sales, service tech . . .). He trained on site for my customer service team over a period of ten weeks to accommodate our work needs and our training needs with a small team. Everyone felt that the time was well spent, and really helped them to learn that traditional “Customer Service Training” just doesn’t compare with the Customer Service Experience! Looking at things from a customer experience perspective is very eye opening. I would recommend you reach out to Jeof Bean; you will be glad you did!

We engaged Jeof (along with his co-author) to facilitate two seminars at our company-wide Product Summit – one session for Product Managers and one session for leaders of various non-Product groups. These sessions resulted in many substantive post-conference discussions and provided a common vocabulary for Product and non-Product teams to discuss Customer Experience as a key enabler of our future success. Jeof was well-prepared for our diverse audience. He offered useful examples throughout both sessions that helped reinforce his messages. He over-delivered on his commitments to our organization – highly recommended.

I first met Jeofrey when he was presenting at a CXPA event about one of his books. Both of his books (The Customer Experience Revolution and Customer Experience Rules!) are great reads jam packed with quality insights, key (CX) business principles, and solid research. He’s an outstanding teacher at UC San Diego. I’ve seen him in action when I’ve guest lectured there. His approach is hands-on and uber practical. Students finish the class more prepared to do real work than many professionals with certificates in Customer Experience and degrees in Marketing.

Jeof is focused on his client’s success and his training approach is laser-focused on that success. He works relentlessly to build and maintain executive focus and buy-in, knowing training can otherwise be a money pit. We’re both passionate about small and mid-size companies and providing practical tools, advice, actionable insights and recommendations.

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