Customer Experience Consulting

Proven help to be better and different for customers and more profitable too.

Customer, Patient and Guest experience development and improvement

Create the experience customers want to have with your company on purpose.  Develop those experiences to make you better and different for customers while creating significant customer advocacy that reduces sales, marketing, support, and churn costs.

The starting point is evaluating the experience customers, patients or guests are having with you now, online, and off.

Insights created from the evaluation (qualitative and quantitative) are transformed into recommendations and post implementation expectations in context of your business and customer objectives.

At this point we work together to decide what the next practical steps should be based on your objectives and capabilities.

Post implementation results not only contribute to customer experience and user experience performance, typically they make positive cross-organizational contributions in product development, marketing on and off internet, communications, customer service, sales, call centers and engineering too!

Customer experience consultant Jeofrey Bean was interviewed by Fleet Management Weekly about evaluating customer experiences for a company taking its first careful look at CX interactions that help drive recommendations and the desired post implementation results.

Customer Research is customer and solution discovery!

Understanding what pleases and annoys people online and off is critical for making effective decisions that impact customers, patients, or guests. Discovering what will motivate people to engage more and advocate for you is essential for guiding your way with specific decisions about customer experience interactions and strategies online and off.

Knowing what questions to ask and how to ask, and what to observe and how to observe has come with the experience and success of many exciting projects.  Including a well selected combination of information inputs for customer experience research, and the insights and recommendations from it, will improve decision making about interactions people have with your organization. This will result in improvements for your company’s messages, people, processes and technologies, products, and services. 

In turn, business results (for example reduced customer acquisition and marketing costs and increased sales) and customer experiences improve (for example people buy again or buy more while recommendations increase online and off). In the case of healthcare organizations, the aim is to increase recommendations and profitability, and most importantly, improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Decide if you would like me to do it, direct it or teach it.

Read Jeof’s article “A portfolio approach to customer experience intelligence” published in Quirk’s Media for Market Research and Insights. Available online and in hardcopy formats.

Conference and Industry Trade Show Reporting

Many organizations could benefit from timely insights at conferences and trade shows about macro or micro trends, new technologies, competitive positioning, answers to specific questions or about the impact of decisions made during special sessions. 

Some organizations do not have the resources, time, or expertise to attend conferences or trade shows with this focus and report actionable results in presentation, discussion, or written format. 

My experience with large corporations and small innovative businesses has shown that purpose focused conference and industry trade show reporting is efficient in terms of timeliness and return on investment. It’s an effective way to add the advantages of on-the-ground near real-time intelligence to bolster an organization’s decision-making capabilities for marketing, competitive positioning, customer experience, product, or service development. 

Advisory Retainer for Customer Experience, Marketing or Leadership

Many times, people in new businesses, new to title or responsible for a new and critical project need an experienced source of marketing and customer experience leadership. Or they need experienced guidance for product and service development on an ongoing or as needed basis. Over the years several clients have requested and opted for an advisory retainer precisely for this purpose. 

Some examples of advisory retainers have been in customer experience development and improvement; marketing strategies; tactics and communications performance improvement; acting CMO, acting CXO, professional development, web site and mobile app development effectiveness; business and marketing intelligence, strategic business development programs; business process improvement for scaling; mentoring young managers and leaders, product management and development; service development and more. 

I work with you to create a specific advisory retainer that best helps you and your organization achieve its goals.

A sample of organizations I have worked with in B2B, B2C and Healthcare


Jeofrey worked on an assignment for me to evaluate a line of business that LPL had established but had not, until that point, realized its full potential. Jeofrey leveraged existing basic research as well as direct client interviews to frame the business proposition that LPL had undertaken, and identified not only the potential market that might be realized but also the key missing element from LPL’s offering that needed to be addressed to make the line of business successful. Jeofrey clearly laid out this information very effectively in both written and presentation format that enabled LPL to understand this marketplace and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jeof. Along with a deep understanding of the marketing and customers he brings a refreshing “demand-side” view of the market. He brings multiple years of real-life experience which he ports over to the problems and opportunities at hand. It has been educational working with him on several engagements.

When I introduced Jeof to a client in need of strategic marketing direction, he very quickly ramped up from initial conversation to brainstorming to collaboration, critical planning, and execution, much to the very impressed client’s satisfaction. Jeof is a Master of Marketing and customer experience strategies and tactics. He is an expert in identifying gaps in existing marketing models as well as in crafting new ones and accomplished in implementing successful marketing plans and campaigns.I endorse Jeof wholeheartedly and eagerly anticipate our next chance to work together.

For more recommendations see Jeof’s LinkedIn Profile

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