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Be better, different and more profitable with customer experience.

Customer Experience Rules: 52 ways to create a great customer experience, book by Jeofrey Bean
Winner of Best Customer Experience Books of All Time, from BookauthorityWinner of Best Customer Service Books of All Time, from Bookauthority

Customer Experience Rules!

52 ways to create a great customer experience
Whether you are new or a long-time practitioner of Customer Experience, this book is a great introduction and reminder of all the best practices we should use – every day!
Customer Experience Rules! is a must-have book for companies beginning to focus or companies re-focusing on the experience of the customer.
If you worship at the altar of Customer Experience, these are your 52 weekly devotionals.

The Customer Experience Revolution

How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever
The Customer Experience Revolution is a book that everyone who wants to succeed in business must read.
Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers. This guidebook tells us why and how they do it in industries as diverse as retailing, smartphones, food service and driver education. I highly recommended it to anyone building a customer-focused business or refocusing an existing business on the experience of the customer.
The Customer Experience Revolution book by Jeofrey Bean & Sean VanTyne
Winner of Best Customer Service Books of All Time, from Bookauthority

CX Consulting – Training – Speaking – Book Author

Jeofrey Bean is an accomplished customer experience and marketing expert, university instructor, speaker and book author. Guiding companies in making effective and profitable marketing and customer experience decisions with consulting, training courses, seminars and special CX programs.

For videos, podcasts, speaking interviews and radio, check out Jeof’s YouTube channel.

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Customer Experience Rules! and The Customer Experience Revolution available as an eBook or paperback from these online bookstores and may be ordered and available at your local bookstore.