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CX Expert, Consultant, Acclaimed Book Author, Company and University Instructor

Jeofrey Bean is an accomplished customer experience (CX) and marketing expert, business advisor, and acclaimed book author of Customer Experience Rules! 52 Ways to create a great customer experience, and The Customer Experience Revolution – How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever, written with Sean Van Tyne.

He is an internationally recognized instructor and mentor at the University of California San Diego.

As the owner of Del Mar Research, he guides companies in making effective and profitable marketing and customer experience decisions with consulting, training, seminars, and special programs.

Prior to founding Del Mar Research in 2004, Jeofrey held managerial positions in marketing, training, product and service development at small innovative businesses and Fortune 500 corporations including AT&T with the Bell Labs.

He is best known for practical and innovative work emphasizing the need to identify, improve, or reinvent the interactions that customers, patients, or guests have with an organization on and off the internet. The results, based on hundreds of projects and unique client engagements, improve or transform customer experience, and increase customer advocacy and profitability.

Jeofrey Bean, customer experience training CX consultant

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