Customer Experience Speaker Keynotes

Jeofrey Bean is known as an engaging, informative, and inspiring customer experience speaker. His practical and innovative thought leadership, CX insights and commentary are delivered with a dash of humor connecting with audiences in a compelling way at company events, special meetings, trade shows, universities, and conferences.

Customer experience keynote speaker Jeofrey Bean on stage at the SDL Innovate Customer Experience Conference with an audience of 600 people at Westin’s St. Francis Hotel

A Sampling of Speaking Venues

CoreLogic Annual Leadership and Product Summit; JD Power Customer Service Annual Awards Summit; LPL Financial Focus Conference (annual); Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP International) Annual Conference; The International Leadership Association (ILA) Annual Global Conference.


Jeofrey is a true customer experience expert. I had the recent pleasure of meeting Jeofrey at a Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP International) event when he was speaking in San Diego at Petco Park. He was speaking to the group about the necessity and integration of customer experience (CX) into everyday behaviors and practices in all types of organizations. I was completely impressed how he was able to take a difficult topic and make it easy enough for someone to comprehend, consider, and apply to their personal and professional daily practices. The room left energized and focused to make a change at their organization and do what is best for their customers.

Jeofrey is a thoughtful and engaging speaker in customer experience. He brings a wealth of insights and first-hand knowledge from working directly with leading customer experience companies, making the abstract real by tying theory to real-world examples. I’m happy to recommend Jeofrey as a speaker and subject matter expert.

Jeofrey ran a session I was facilitating for the American Marketing Association on Effective Target Marketing – Human Centered Development and Persona Intelligence. Jeof is an obvious expert on customer experience and has a great way of combining his vast expertise with the logical and informative way he presents it. He is a tremendously engaging speaker, has wonderful material and examples, and his energy and passion for the topic is contagious with his audience.

We invited Jeof Bean to speak with our financial advisors about his latest book, The Customer Experience Revolution. He shared valuable insights from his research and helped our small business owner advisors learn how they too can implement proven strategies to improve their customer experience. The audience(s) rated the learnings as some of their best takeaways from the conference.
A passionate and insightful CX warrior, Jeof shares his definition of customer experience intelligence and the role that plays in today's world. He also talks about CX4 (or it is 5!) of interactions and, this is a goodie, The Out Of The Box customer experience. Charming, knowledgeable, and authentic, Jeof encapsulates exactly what it means to be a CX Champion in this day and age. His drive for advocacy over satisfaction is one that is likely to be the new phrase for CX. As Jeof says "#adovacyiseverything."
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Radio, Video and Podcast Interviews

It's time for Customer Experience Intelligence - Jeofrey Bean interview on CX Punk Chat video defines customer intelligence and how it helps.

A Sampling of Radio, Video and Podcast Interviews

American Marketing Association Radio and Podcast, Bloomberg Radio Financial News and Radio Talk Show 1450am, CX Punk Chat Video Podcast – Sandsiv+, ESPN 1700am Business Talk Radio, Fireside Chats Without the Fires, Fleet Management Weekly, John Hockenberry’s “The Take Away” program on National Public Radio (NPR / PRI news radio), The Fast Leader Show – Hosted by Jim Rembach, WRJN Ted Ehlen’s Radio Talk Show.

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Some of Jeof's speaking and keynote speaking topics

  1. Awesome and Simple Customer Care and Innovation in a Socially Connected World
  2. Be a Customer Experience Leader (or bite the dust)
  3. Bean’s Notes. Open commentary on recent issues.
  4. Beyond SEO: Driving customer attraction, retention and top-line growth with customer and user experience
  5. Committing to Customer Experience: Leadership, culture and decision making at “The Experience Makers”
  6. Customer Experience and the KPI Challenge: Do you measure what matters to customers? Take the challenge!
  7. Customer Experience Insights: Being Better, Different & More Profitable by Customer Experience
  8. Customer Experience Leadership During Turbulent Times
  9. Customer Experience Rules! 52 Ways to create a great customer experience
  10. Customer Experience Winners, Losers, and Ones to Watch: Leaders create winners, losers in markets, examples
  11. Experiencing the Brand: What exactly does this mean for you, brand value and your customers?
  12. How to understand the gap: The promise of product specifications and actual customer experience for CX solutions
  13. If Measuring What Matters to Customers is So Easy, how come most don’t do it?
  14. Investing for Dividends: A Portfolio Approach to Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI)
  15. Leadership During Turbulent Times: Starbucks, Social-media, and Customer Experience Renewal
  16. Navigating the Successful Use of Personas in Turbulent Times – International Leadership Association
  17. Social Media Accelerates the Importance of Customer Experience: Keeping CX relevant and valuable with it.
  18. The Customer Experience Effect
  19. The Customer Experience Innovators: They surpass products, services, and even customer satisfaction with CX
  20. The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever
  21. The Do-Fors: Beyond Products, Features, Services, and Price for CX Leadership and Profitability
  22. The Experience Makers – Lessons about being different and more valuable from the best
  23. The Inextricable Link: From Employee Experience to Customer Experience
  24. The Out of the Box Experience: Can make or break experiences. Who’s the best, how to test it and improve it.
  25. The Patient Experience Revolution: Customer experiences and competition raise expectations of Patients
  26. The ‘Tesla Effect’ — Redefining the Future of the Customer Experience
  27. The ‘Uber Effect’ — Redefining the Future of the Customer Experience
  28. Which CX Leaders Set Expectations for Your Business and Why? The ROI from this is more important than ever.
  29. Winners, Losers and Must Have Metrics
  30. Next Generation Customer Experience – Who does it now and how?