Next Generation Customer Experience

How Companies Like ServiceNow, Netflix and Intuit are Creating Next-Generation CX Now

Gen Z is like no generation before it. Next Generation Customer Experience uncovers the companies creating successful next generation customer experiences now. From valuable insights about Gen Z and building customer experience intelligence to improve and innovate CX, Next Generation Customer Experience shows you how to build the essential capabilities necessary to create engaging and profitable customer experiences for Gen Z, on and off the internet. Next gen CX leaders go beyond being financially successful to being significant to Gen Zs lives and businesses. Next Generation Customer Experience helps you get there and stay there!

Whether you are building on the customer experience success you have already or are at the very beginning of this journey, you will find a path with Next Generation Customer Experience. Jeof continues his sage insights and "Bean-isms" that we all love.
Jeof does it again! This book builds on existing CX approaches while introducing the latest concepts and frameworks for CX innovation. A definite must read for all interested in increasing growth, customer advocacy, and profitability!
If you are looking to improve your customer experience, this will be a resource you will turn to again and again. Like an expert travel guide, Next Generation Customer Experience has many gold nuggets and inspiration on what actions you can take to get the most out of what you are trying to achieve. You’ll find the answers here.
Jeof Bean and Vineetha Raveendran’s “Next Generation Customer Experience” is timely and breathtakingly original. While practical and grounded, the authors provide an accessible playbook for winning CX strategies in a disruptive reality that is the new normal. If you’re seeking transformational impact through CX, you’ll find this book indispensable.
Next Generation Customer Experience is a must-read for customer experience professionals and businesses aiming to adapt to the expectations of Gen Z customers.