Join the Customer Experience Course UC San Diego Oct 6 2021

Date Posted: 09/15/2021

Join me for the Customer Experience Leadership course at UC San Diego Extension Oct 6 – Dec 8, 2021, Live online

Find out more and register here –
The CX Leadership Course begins Oct 6, 2021 live online.

Or Google UCSD customer experience

Leave the class with CX leadership skills, tools, and best practices of how the best in CX increase customer advocacy and profitability while surpassing product, service, and price-based businesses with purpose-built customer experience.

Choose to take this practical and innovative course as:
o Part of your business certificate (3 credits)
o Part of your marketing certificate (3 credits)
o Part of your business or marketing degree program (3 credits)
o Part of your International study program (3 credits)
o As a stand-alone specialty course