Jeofrey Bean speaking at Stanford University – The Customer Experience Effect Aug 3 2022

Date Posted: 07/18/2022

Customer experience speaker, author and University of California San Diego Extension instructor Jeofrey Bean will be presenting The Customer Experience Effect about the value of customer experience to those enrolled in Stanford University Continuing Studies Course Finance for Non-Finance Managers taught by Samir Asaf, PhD.

This course is designed to equip business managers with an overview of financial management and the core knowledge required to understand and interpret a company’s financial statements, assess its financial goals and financial health, and understand key financial levers that drive financial performance.

Part of successful financial performance is delivering pleasing and differentiating customer experiences that create significant customer retention and advocacy. In turn, these increase many financial indicators such as customer retention, revenue growth, profitability, stock share value / investor / owner value, brand equity and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

And drive down many critical financial costs like customer acquisition costs (CAC), promotion expenses, churn rates and more. Jeofrey Bean will be speaking about The Customer Experience Effect in class at Stanford University August 3, 2022, at 7pm Pacific Time.

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