A portfolio approach to customer experience intelligence CXI

Date Posted: 09/24/2021

I am pleased to share this article with you about – A portfolio approach to customer experience intelligence – Incorporating thick data with other sources can help you understand how your customers think and feel about your company

With so many choices of data and other types of inputs available for developing customer experience insights, it can be challenging to explain to clients or employers how inputs can be used together to create effective customer experience intelligence (CXI).

Working with business and health organization clients and teaching customer experience leadership at UC San Diego Extension, I’ve found a portfolio approach to customer experience intelligence to be an effective way to explain it and to improve the acceptance and quality of customer experience intelligence and related decisions. I hope the approach explored in this article will help you do the same.

An inside track
Time after time the customer experience leaders – small or large, business-to-business or business-to-consumer – seem to have an inside track to customers and the experiences they want. How do they do it? . . .
Read the complete article in Article in Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insights Magazine September/October 2021 (hardcopy issues also available)

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