Customer Experience Podcast with guest Jeofrey Bean

Date Posted: 02/03/2021

Customer Experience Podcast Guest Jeofrey Bean on Fireside Chats with hosts Paul Catherall and Neal Topf

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January 15, 2021
For the first Fireside Chats podcast of 2021, Neal and Paul are joined by esteemed author and CX thought leader, Jeofery Bean.

A passionate and insightful CX warrior, Jeof shares his definition of customer experience intelligence and the role that plays in today’s world. He also talks about CX4 (or it is 5) of interactions and, this is a goodie, The Out Of The Box customer experience.

Charming, knowledgeable, and authentic, Jeof encapsulates exactly what it means to be a CX Champion in this day and age. His drive for advocacy over satisfaction is one that is likely to be the new phrase for CX in 2021. As Jeof says #adovacyiseverything.”

Jeof’s Customer Experience Books on Amazon:

Book 1: The Customer Experience Revolution (2012)
Book 2: Customer Experience Rules! (2015)

Jeof’s CX Myths:

“That customer satisfaction is the goal.”

Jeof’s CX Quotes:

“Measure what matters to customers” Dr. Joely Gardner, CEO, Human Factors Research

“Whether it was positioning in the marketing message, or customer service and support, or upgrades and repairs, Steve Jobs usually said, ‘delay the product so you can fix it.’” Larry Tesler, –former Vice President and Chief Scientist, Apple Computer

Jeof’s CX Heroes:

Larry Tesler
Don Norman
LL Bean
Jeff Bezos
Scott Cook
Jack Dorsey
Richard Thaler